25 Books from 2020

Through the podcast and blog, I read a large number of recent books and publications. It is my aim to share ideas at the forefront of politics and democracy. My list of 25 books for 2020 goes beyond the topic of democracy, but is aimed at students of democracy. Many of the books explore topics of political science or international relations from academics. But a few include work from important intellectuals like Anne Applebaum, Barak Obama, and Ezra Klein. These are the books, I believe, help explain the political topics today. Some of these books come up again and again in the writings of scholars and intellectuals. Others have been overlooked, but deserve greater attention.

Finally, my podcast has featured many of these authors to discuss their work. It offers the authors an opportunity to explain the implications of their work for democracy, politics, and society. Please subscribe or follow the podcast as I introduce new research from 2021.

Congrats to the authors on the list below,

Justin Kempf

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  1. Anne Applebaum – Twilight of Democracy: The Seductive Lure of Authoritarianism WorldCat, Amazon, Audible
  2. Derek Black – Schoolhouse Burning: Public Education and the Assault on American Democracy  WorldcatAmazonPodcast
  3. Alexander Cooley and Daniel Nexon – Exit from Hegemony: The Unraveling of the American Global Order  WorldCatAmazonPodcast
  4. Angus Deaton and Anne Case – Deaths of Despair and the Future of Capitalism  WorldCatAmazonAudible
  5. Lee Drutman – Breaking the Two-Party Doom Loop: The Case for Multiparty Democracy in America  WorldCat, AmazonAudiblePodcast
  6. Kevin Duong – The Virtues of Violence: Democracy Against Disintegration in Modern France  WorldCat, Amazon
  7. Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson – Let Them Eat Tweets: How the Right Rules in an Age of Extreme Inequality  WorldCatAmazonAudiblePodcast
  8. William G. Howell and Terry M. Moe – Presidents, Populism, and the Crisis of Democracy  WorldCat, Amazon, Podcast
  9. Ben Hubbard – MBS: The Rise to Power of Mohammed Bin Salman  WorldCatAmazon, Audible
  10. John Ikenberry – A World Safe for Democracy: Liberal Internationalism and the Crises of Global Order. WorldCat, Amazon, Audible, Podcast
  11. Jennie C. Ikuta – Contesting Conformity: Democracy and the Paradox of Political Belonging  WorldCat, Amazon
  12. Donald F. Kettl – The Divided States of America Why Federalism Doesn’t Work  WorldCatAmazon, AudiblePodcast
  13. Ezra Klein – Why We’re Polarized  WorldCatAmazonAudible
  14. Nicholas Kristoff and Sheryl WuDunn – Tightrope: Americans Reaching for Hope  WorldCatAmazonAudiblePodcast
  15. Charles Kupchan – Isolationism: A History of America’s Efforts to Shield Itself from the World.  WorldCat, Amazon, Audible
  16. Hélène Landemore – Open Democracy: Reinventing Popular Rule for the Twenty-First Century  WorldCat, Amazon, Podcast
  17. Suzanne Mettler and Robert C. Lieberman  – Four Threats: The Recurring Crises of American Democracy WorldCat, Amazon, Audible, Podcast
  18. Elizabeth R. Nugent – After Repression: How Polarization Derails Democratic Transition  WorldCat, Amazon, Podcast
  19. Barak Obama – Promised Land  WorldCatAmazon, Audible
  20. Jonathan C. Pinckney – From Dissent to Democracy: The Promise and Perils of Civil Resistance Transitions  WorldCat, AmazonPodcast
  21. Robert Putnam with Shaylyn Romney Garrett – The Upswing: How America Came Together a Century Ago and How We Can Do It Again  WorldCatAmazonAudible
  22. Bryn Rosenfeld – Autocratic Middle Class: How State Dependency Reduces the Demand for DemocracyWorldCat, Amazon, Podcast
  23. Michael Sandel – The Tyranny of Merit: What’s Become of the Common Good  WorldCatAmazonAudible
  24. David Stasavage – The Decline and Rise of Democracy: A Global History from Antiquity to Today WorldCat, Amazon, Audible
  25. Isabel Wilkerson – Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents  WorldCatAmazonAudible

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