The Real Danger of AI to Democracy

By Jose Marichal A 2022 article in the journal Nature detailed the study by which a team of researchers took a machine learning model published by Collaborations Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (called MegaSyn) trained to identify potential pharmaceutical drugs and asked it to come up with toxic compounds that would mirror the composition of VX nerve gas.... Continue Reading →

What is Artificial Intelligence

By Justin Kempf What Exactly is Artificial Intelligence Throughout this podcast I have talked to writers about technology about its effects on democracy. Recently the background readings have started to touch on artificial intelligence more and more. For me it raises a lot of questions, because artificial intelligence is never as intelligent as advertised. Even... Continue Reading →

Democracy and Our Digital Future in the Age of AI

By Amelia C. Arsenault Democracy and Our Digital Future in the Age of AI The last several years have seen significant advancements in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and related technologies, spurring staggering rates of global investment and discourse espousing the promises of the ‘AI era’. As states have rushed to develop or acquire... Continue Reading →

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