Leftist Discontent for Liberalism

Become a Patron! The fourth of six posts on Francis Fukuyama’s recent book Liberalism and its Discontents. Leftist Discontent for Liberalism The left has a long, but complicated relationship with liberalism. Liberalism began as a radical movement of reform. But it became conservative after it accomplished its original aims. Many liberals looked to consolidate their... Continue Reading →

Fukuyama and Economic Liberalism

The third of six posts on Francis Fukuyama’s recent book Liberalism and its Discontents. Economic Liberalism Liberalism is a loaded term. Americans think of an ideology associated with the left. Europeans think of a laissez-faire school of economics associated with Mises, Hayek, and Friedman. Meanwhile, academics imply a form of political liberalism when they refer... Continue Reading →

Why Does Liberalism Matter

Become a Patron! The second of six posts on Francis Fukuyama’s recent book Liberalism and its Discontents. Why Does Liberalism Matter Like so many other ideas in the political lexicon, liberalism is surprisingly difficult to define. Francis Fukuyama, however, does not shy away from the attempt. He writes, "Classical liberalism is a big tent that... Continue Reading →

Marta Dyczok and Andriy Kulykov on the Media, Information Warriors, and the Future of Ukraine

Marta Dyczok is an Associate Professor at the Departments of History and Political Science, Western University, Canada. She was the host of the podcast Ukraine Calling. Andriy Kulykov is co-founder and Chairperson of Hromadske Radio.   Become a Patron! I heard a verified story of a person who made his way with his family from an... Continue Reading →

Putin Lost the French Presidential Election

The French Presidential Election Outcome The French Presidential Election is always important. France is the seventh largest economy in the world and a leader within the EU and NATO. However, this election had even more significant international implications. In many ways this election was the first serious test of Western support for Ukraine. Marine Le... Continue Reading →

Russia and the Threat of Nuclear Weapons

Putin Says "Think Twice" After the successful test of a new intercontinental ballistic missile, Vladimir Putin warned those "who are trying to threaten our country in the heat of frenzied, aggressive rhetoric to think twice." Putin's audience was not just the Russian people. He also directed his comments towards the United States and its allies.... Continue Reading →

Yascha Mounk on the Great Experiment of Diverse Democracies

Yascha Mounk is a Professor of the Practice of International Affairs at Johns Hopkins University and the founder of Persuasion. Mounk is also a contributing editor at The Atlantic and a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. He is the author of The Great Experiment: Why Diverse Democracies Fall Apart and How They Can Endure.... Continue Reading →

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