The Democracy Paradox wants to hear from you. Feel free to email about your thoughts on past episodes, content, or thoughts for future episodes. Send all correspondence to

We are looking for writers with diverse interests about different aspects of democracy to publish on the daily blog. Ideally, we want writers interested in publishing 1-2 times per month. However, we will accept individual pieces with substantial merit. Some topics of interest include elections, constitutions, political movements, and deliberative democracy. Please keep submissions between 500 and 2,000 words. Every piece is considered for quality of writing, originality, and relevance for current events. Interested writers should email

Publishers and book authors are encouraged to reach out to coordinate reviews or interviews on the podcast. Democracy Paradox typically focuses on books published in the past two years with an interest in forthcoming publications. Topics generally focus on democracy, but from a very expansive approach where all possible angles are investigated.

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