The Values of Liberalism

A review of The Struggle for a Decent Politics: On Liberal as an Adjective Review by Justin Kempf The Values of Liberalism In this week's episode of the podcast I talked to Michael Walzer. We talked about his recent book The Struggle for a Decent Politics: On Liberal as an Adjective. In the Preface he explains... Continue Reading →

Digital Propaganda in an Age of Artificial Intelligence

A review of Manufacturing Consensus: Understanding Propaganda in the Era of Automation and Anonymity by Samuel Woolley. Review by Justin Kempf Digital Propaganda The recent release of ChatGPT has raised many questions about the limits of automation and its ability to replace what many have long considered creative work. I've heard people question whether we will eventually... Continue Reading →

Michael Walzer on Liberal as an Adjective

Michael Walzer is an emeritus professor at the Institute for Advanced Study. He was also a longtime editor of Dissent. He is the author of many books including the classic of political philosophy Spheres of Justice. His most recent book is called The Struggle for a Decent Politics: On “Liberal” as an Adjective.   Become a... Continue Reading →

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