The Ongoing Debate About Democracy

By Justin Kempf The Debate About Democracy Far too often we take the meaning of democracy for granted. It's a complex idea with many different interpretations. However, we frequently label actions as undemocratic without any pause or hesitation. Even when we cannot clearly define democracy, we believe we can easily recognize what is undemocratic. What... Continue Reading →

A Pre-Post-Mortem of the 2022 Election

By María Isabel Puerta Riera The 2022 Election As we entered the final weeks of the 2022 midterm elections, the landscape was promising for Republicans. The expectation of a red wave grew with the help of pundits and pollsters building on the long-running theme of the Democrats in disarray. The sense of dread increased with the anticipation of... Continue Reading →

Did Voters Save Democracy in America?

By Justin Kempf Did Voters Just Save American Democracy? Already many on the left have applauded the outcomes of the American Midterm elections because the most catastrophic outcomes did not come to fruition. Many races still remain undetermined so the final repercussions remain unknown. However, it appears the Republicans will have a slight majority in... Continue Reading →

Democratic Backsliding in the Age of Misinformation

By María Isabel Puerta Riera Misinformation Widens the Political Divide The 2016 presidential election introduced new elements into political campaigns through information technology. The Cambridge Analytica scandal was part of a broader scheme to influence the electorate, particularly among those more vulnerable to misinformation. Of course, the role foreign entities played is still largely under debate. Nonetheless, it... Continue Reading →

Do Multiple Types of Democracy Exist?

By Justin Kempf Types of Democracy Over the course of the American Midterms many Democrats including Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Barak Obama have warned democracy is in danger. Their concerns imply the notion of a single recognizable form of democracy. However, most readers have likely come across many different types of democracy such as... Continue Reading →

What Happens When the People Decide?

By Jenna Spinelle When the People Decide From my earliest days in journalism, I’ve always gravitated toward people who zig when everyone else zags, so to speak. The people who go against the grain and aren’t afraid to put forward a bold idea and bring people along for the ride. It’s difficult to find people... Continue Reading →

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