How Autocrats Instrumentalize Women’s Rights

By Daniela Donno How Autocrats Instrumentalize Women’s Rights In October 2018, Abiy Ahmed’s new government in Ethiopia announced a gender-balanced cabinet, in a move met with fanfare in the international media. Many examples hint at the reputational boost that autocrats enjoy when they advance women’s rights, as when Kuwait allowed women to vote in 2005; Morocco... Continue Reading →

Some Realists are Unrealistic About Russia

By Justin Kempf A Tragic Anniversary One year ago today Russia invaded Ukraine. It's difficult to adequately describe what has happened. Some call it the War in Ukraine. But this description absolves Russia of its role in starting the conflict. Serhii Plokhy has a new book called The Russo-Ukrainian War. This sounds like a fairer description.... Continue Reading →

A Democratic Deficit: The War in Iraq

By David Cortright War in Iraq Twenty years ago this month, millions of people in Europe, the United States and on every continent took to the streets to oppose the dangers and likely human cost of invading Iraq. It was the largest antiwar movement in history. Former National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft warned that war... Continue Reading →

Democracy and Our Digital Future in the Age of AI

By Amelia C. Arsenault Democracy and Our Digital Future in the Age of AI The last several years have seen significant advancements in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and related technologies, spurring staggering rates of global investment and discourse espousing the promises of the ‘AI era’. As states have rushed to develop or acquire... Continue Reading →

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