Patricia Evangelista Says The Philippines is an Example of What Happens When Autocrats and Dictators Rise and We Let Them

Patricia Evangelista is a trauma journalist and former investigative reporter for the Philippine news company Rappler. She has received the Kate Webb Prize for exceptional journalism in dangerous conditions. Recently, she authored the book Some People Need Killing: A Memoir of Murder in My Country. Access Bonus Episodes on Patreon Make a one-time Donation to... Continue Reading →

Behind the Facade: The Dark Money Game of No Labels

By Tiffany Muller When political operative Nancy Jacobson founded the group No Labels in 2010, it purported to speak for America’s “commonsense majority.” On its website—devoid of typical partisan red and blue tones—No Labels says it welcomes the “politically homeless,” but instead, they are advancing the interests of their ultra-rich backers. No Labels is setting... Continue Reading →

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