Revolutions and Counterrevolutionary Reaction

Become a Patron! Preorder Steven Levitsky and Lucan Way's Revolution and Dictatorship: The Violent Origins of Durable Authoritarianism here. Revolutions and Counterrevolutionary Reaction Successful revolutions depend on counterrevolutionary reaction. Without counterrevolutionary response a revolutionary regime fails to establish the foundations for a durable long lasting regime. It's absolutely counterintuitive, but makes perfect sense for those who... Continue Reading →

What is a Fifth Column?

Become a Patron! What is a Fifth Column? During World War II, the United States incarcerated 120,000 people of Japanese descent in internment camps. Somewhere around two-thirds were American citizens. At the time, Americans in government and civil society feared the presence of a fifth column who would work against the war effort. A fifth... Continue Reading →

Democracy Paradox on Patreon

Become a Patron! Why Patreon It's exciting to introduce Democracy Paradox on Patreon. It's an opportunity for listeners of the podcast and readers of the blog to support the project through modest monthly contributions. Patreons will gain access to the notes used for recent interviews complete with the original questions, quotes from the book, and quotes... Continue Reading →

Middle Class Support for Autocracies Podcast #32

Bryn Rosenfeld discusses her book The Autocratic Middle Class. Bryn introduces her groundbreaking research on the behavior of the state dependent middle class in authoritarian governments. She is an assistant professor of government at Cornell University. A transcript of her conversation with the host, Justin Kempf, is below.   The Middle Class and Democratization Barrington Moore... Continue Reading →

Robert Dahl – On Political Equality

Dahl’s majoritarianism has never made sense to me. I get the feeling Dahl has different ideas he believes relate to democracy. But he never completely ties them together. There are so many loose ends which he dances around. It’s a beautiful chaos because he is a genius who is completely honest with his intellectual curiosity... Continue Reading →

Arend Lijphart – Patterns of Democracy

The traditional definition of democracy emphasizes the principle of majority rule and the institution of elections. This is where the genesis of the “tyranny of the majority” claim emerges. Typically, political theorists have required the marriage of liberalism and democracy to establish limitations on majority rule. This approach assumes there is a conflict between traditional... Continue Reading →

Yascha Mounk – The People vs. Democracy

There is a growing literature on the decline of democratic governance. Larry Diamond declared the world was in a democratic recession years ago and Freedom House has confirmed a long-term decline in democratic governance in their annual assessments. Of course, the literature has warned about a crisis of democracy in the past. Samuel Huntington cowrote... Continue Reading →

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