President Biden and the Soul of the Nation

Become a Patron! Preorder Laura Gamboa’s new book Resisting Backsliding: Opposition Strategies against the Erosion of Democracy here.  Make a one-time Donation to Democracy Paradox. President Biden and the Soul of the Nation Last night President Joe Biden gave a 24 minute speech that warned about the current assault on American democracy. He directed his... Continue Reading →

Defending Democracy

Become a Patron! Defending Democracy This past week the European Commission began asking its countries to begin reducing its use of natural gas by 15% until next spring. Europeans face many challenges in their energy supply as they continue to support Ukraine against Russian aggression. Already consumers and companies face rising prices for energy, however... Continue Reading →

Is Every Democracy in a Hard Place?

Become a Patron! Is Every Democracy in a Hard Place? Democracies around the world face many threats. Some are new while others are old. Sometimes the threats reflect changing circumstances. However, others involve problems that have compounded over generations. Economic inequality, severe polarization, and poor governance threaten American democracy. Europe faces ongoing issues surrounding economic... Continue Reading →

Introducing Democracy in Hard Places

Become a Patron! Democracy in Hard Places Yesterday I kicked off a series of episodes focused on democracy in hard places. The first episode featured Dan Slater in a discussion about democracy in Indonesia. The conversation loosely focused on a chapter Dan wrote in a forthcoming book called Democracy in Hard Places. It's a fascinating examination of... Continue Reading →

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