The Next Iteration of Legal Scholarship

By Kevin Frazier Law reviews--legal publications edited by law school students and the main outlet for articles written by law professors and other legal scholars--may have outlived their utility. Still, they not only persist, but continue to expand in number and volume. The time has come to stop relying on law reviews as the dominant... Continue Reading →

By the Court: Reducing Politics in the Judiciary

By Kevin Frazier The Politics of the Judiciary What question should voters answer when evaluating whether to retain a justice on their state’s court of last resort? Some voters may ask whether the justice’s individual decisions align with their own policy preferences. Other voters—in fact, likely a majority of voters—will simply ask whether the justice... Continue Reading →

Finding Home

By Kevin Frazier "Go Home" “Go Home." More than one commentator provided that bit of feedback to my recent piece in the San Francisco Chronicle. In that article, I attempted to describe why Californians (including myself) were increasingly fleeing the Golden State and traveling on the "Zoom Trail" to states like Montana and South Dakota... Continue Reading →

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