When Political Mobilization is Undemocratic

by Justin Kempf Undemocratic Political Mobilization Nothing is more democratic than the popular participation of its citizens. Indeed, democratic regimes institutionalize political mobilization through elections where popular participation is widespread and encouraged. However, political mobilization is not always democratic. Some politicians mobilize their supporters to instill fear in their opponents. People may mobilize against other... Continue Reading →

Conspiracy Theories as a Tool of Mass Mobilization

Become a Patron! Conspiracy Theories and Mass Mobilization Karl Lowenstein wrote long ago, "Fascism is not an ideology but a political technique." Totalitarianism is distinct from authoritarianism. Both are undemocratic, but totalitarianism mobilizes the people. It makes them complicit in the assault on democracy. It's difficult to wrap your head around. Authoritarianism, on the other... Continue Reading →

Lisa Disch on Representation, Constituencies, and Political Leadership

  Lisa Disch is a professor of political science at the University of Michigan and an elected member of the Ann Arbor City Council. She is the author of the book Making Constituencies: Representation as Mobilization in Mass Democracy.   Become a Patron! The tension in what we want from democratic representation is that we... Continue Reading →

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