What is Artificial Intelligence

By Justin Kempf What Exactly is Artificial Intelligence Throughout this podcast I have talked to writers about technology about its effects on democracy. Recently the background readings have started to touch on artificial intelligence more and more. For me it raises a lot of questions, because artificial intelligence is never as intelligent as advertised. Even... Continue Reading →

Why Philosophy Shapes Politics

By Justin Kempf Measuring Democracy Around this time of year different organizations from Freedom House to Varieties of Democracy to The Economist Intelligence Unit and others release their annual reports on the state of democracy. For some time these reports have shown a widespread consensus that democracy is under threat. Some call it a democratic... Continue Reading →

Srdja Popovic on Dilemma Actions

  Srdja Popovic is the co-founder of CANVAS, and was a founding member of the Otpor! (“Resistance!”) a movement that had a crucial part in bringing down the Milosevic regime in Serbia. He recently coauthored an article in the Journal of Democracy with Sophia McClennen and Joe Wright called, “How to Sharpen a Nonviolent Movement.”... Continue Reading →

How to Host a Successful Podcast

By Justin Kempf What is a Successful Podcast After hosting a podcast for almost three years, I have learned quite a bit. However, I continue to find so much more to learn. Still, I think the Democracy Paradox meets my definition for what I call a successful podcast. Some will debate this with me. They will argue... Continue Reading →

3 Upcoming Elections to Watch in 2023

By Justin Kempf Elections in 2023 Saturday's election in Nigeria was among the most anticipated elections of the year. Every presidential election in Nigeria is significant, because it's the most populous country in Africa and the sixth most populous in the world. Moreover, it's population is increasing rapidly with projections to overtake the United States... Continue Reading →

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