Yael Tamir is the author of Why Nationalism. We discuss Liberalism, Cosmopolitanism, and, of course, Nationalism. Since the end of World War II, Nationalism has largely been associated with the far right. Tamir believes this is a mistake and reimagines a path for the left to reclaim Nationalism through a realignment with Liberalism. Our conversation explores political philosophy and current events. The topics range from Catalan Separatism to Isaiah Berlin. She gives a beautiful story of how Isaiah Berlin became the advisor for her dissertation near the end of the podcast.

Professor Yael (Yuli) Tamir is the President of Shenkar College and an adjunct professor at the Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford University. Representing the Labor Party she served as Israel’s Minister of Immigration (1999-2001) and as Minister of Education (2006-2009), as well as the deputy speaker of the Knesset and a member of the Finance committee, the Education committee and the Security and Foreign Affairs committee.

Listen at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts. You can find Why Nationalism at Amazon or your local library. This is the first episode with the new introduction and outro which features music from Apes of the State. You can find their music on Spotify or Bandcamp.

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