The Promise & Peril of Free Speech in Podcasting

Join me for a virtual event about free speech in podcasting. I will speak alongside Turi Munthe and Jenna Spinelle about some recent events regarding free speech in podcasting. This is a conversation that transcends podcasting to involve issues central to liberal democracy.

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Over the past decade, many technology companies have made difficult decisions around content moderation and determining what’s appropriate for their platforms. Podcasting largely avoided these decisions until The Joe Rogan Experience came to Spotify and the company faced pressure to remove some of the show’s more controversial episodes, stirring up a longstanding debate around free speech and the marketplace of ideas.

Topics Include

  • A discussion of Spotify’s censorship of Joe Rogan episodes
  • Should platforms censor objectionable content?
  • Do podcasts deserve greater latitude in content than other forms of media?
  • How should platforms approach delicate content?
  • Does censorship pose a greater risk for podcasts as platforms begin to consolidate?

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