Is the Podcast Boom Over?

By Justin Kempf Is the Podcast Boom Over? This week NPR announced it would cancel four podcasts. They included Invisibilia, Rough Translation, Louder than a Riot, and Everyone and their Mom. This is the latest in a round of layoffs that have affected the larger podcast industry. Indeed, many already believe the podcast boom is over. Last month The New... Continue Reading →

How to Host a Successful Podcast

By Justin Kempf What is a Successful Podcast After hosting a podcast for almost three years, I have learned quite a bit. However, I continue to find so much more to learn. Still, I think the Democracy Paradox meets my definition for what I call a successful podcast. Some will debate this with me. They will argue... Continue Reading →

Liberal Tolerance

By Justin Kempf Liberal Tolerance Tomorrow's episode features Patrick Deneen. It's part of the three episode arc on liberalism. I invited Patrick, because he makes a powerful case against liberalism. I say powerful, because it is so direct. He does not make equivocations or hesitations. He's willing to say liberalism failed. It's unusual to find... Continue Reading →

Podcasting About Politics

Podcasting About Politics Podcasts make so much sense as a medium for politics. It offers the opportunity for dynamic conversations to express ideas. The longform conversation especially provides room for nuanced views and complex subjects. However, the podcast also fools many with its ability to project simplicity and authenticity. Many believe all they need to... Continue Reading →

Carah Ong Whaley Interview: Bonus Content

Become a Patron! Carah Ong Whaley Carah Ong Whaley Associate Director of the James Madison Center for Civic Engagement and cohost of the podcast Democracy Matters. The podcast Democracy Matters is a collaboration between faculty and students. It incorporates ideas and perspectives from students alongside the experience and professional connections of faculty like Carah. As a result,... Continue Reading →

Bonus Content: Stephan Kyburz

Become a Patron! Stephan Kyburz Check out the latest interview of Stephan Kyburz at Patreon. Stephan is the host of podcast Rules of the Game: Discussing Democratic Institutions. His podcast engages focuses on complex questions through rigorous interviews and monologues where he works to explain the institutional foundations of democracy. Recent episodes examine semi-parliamentarism, direct democracy in... Continue Reading →

The Promise & Peril of Free Speech in Podcasting

Join me for a virtual event about free speech in podcasting. I will speak alongside Turi Munthe and Jenna Spinelle about some recent events regarding free speech in podcasting. This is a conversation that transcends podcasting to involve issues central to liberal democracy. Register Here Today. Limited Space. Over the past decade, many technology companies... Continue Reading →

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