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Stephan Kyburz

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Stephan Kyburz

Check out the latest interview of Stephan Kyburz at Patreon. Stephan is the host of podcast Rules of the Game: Discussing Democratic Institutions. His podcast engages focuses on complex questions through rigorous interviews and monologues where he works to explain the institutional foundations of democracy. Recent episodes examine semi-parliamentarism, direct democracy in Taiwan, and recent electoral reforms in Switzerland. Stephan Kyburz is a political economist with a PhD in Economics from the University of Bern in Switzerland.

Our conversation touches on his podcast, but goes beyond to consider his personal background, interests, an even favorite podcasts. This interview is an informal conversation between two podcasters with an interest in democracy.


This interview is a part of new bonus content available only on Patreon. New episodes will feature podcasters, activists, or other thought leaders in informal conversations. Next week’s guest will feature Ashley Nickels from the Growing Democracy podcast. You can find bonus content like this interview when you support the Democracy Paradox on Patreon.

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