Freedom in the World: An Update

Become a Patron! Freedom in the World The Russian invasion of Ukraine is not an isolated event. Their aggression has broadened in recent years from incursions into Georgia, the annexation of Crimea, and support of separatists in the Donbas region. Yet this historical moment is not simply about Russia and Ukraine. It symbolizes a shift... Continue Reading →

Bonus Content: Stephan Kyburz

Become a Patron! Stephan Kyburz Check out the latest interview of Stephan Kyburz at Patreon. Stephan is the host of podcast Rules of the Game: Discussing Democratic Institutions. His podcast engages focuses on complex questions through rigorous interviews and monologues where he works to explain the institutional foundations of democracy. Recent episodes examine semi-parliamentarism, direct democracy in... Continue Reading →

The Revenge of Power and Other Democracy Books this Week

Democracy Books this Week Few books will receive as much anticipation as Moisés Naím's The Revenge of Power. It's a book I've had my eye on for months. Naím, of course, is among the most influential voices on the subject of democracy and authoritarianism. So, his book will draw wide interest from many readers from a... Continue Reading →

Elisabeth Ivarsflaten and Paul Sniderman on the Inclusion and Respect of Muslim Minorities

  Elisabeth Ivarsflaten is a professor of political science and scientific director of the Digital Social Science Core Facility at the University of Bergen, Norway. Paul Sniderman is the Fairleigh S. Dickinson Jr., Professor of Public Policy at Stanford University. They are the authors of The Struggle for Inclusion: Muslim Minorities and the Democratic Ethos.... Continue Reading →

Democracy Paradox on Patreon

Become a Patron! Why Patreon It's exciting to introduce Democracy Paradox on Patreon. It's an opportunity for listeners of the podcast and readers of the blog to support the project through modest monthly contributions. Patreons will gain access to the notes used for recent interviews complete with the original questions, quotes from the book, and quotes... Continue Reading →

Watergate and Other Books on Democracy this Week

Democracy Books this Week Watergate continues to shape American political identity to this day. From the adaptation of every scandal into a -gate to the development of democratic norms to avoid the abuse of power. At the same time, the public seems to have forgotten the lessons of Watergate. Indeed, few Americans remember or fully... Continue Reading →

Debasish Roy Chowdhury and John Keane on the Decline of Indian Democracy

Deb Chowdhry is a journalist who has published in Time, South China Morning Post, and Washington Times. John Keane is a Professor of Politics at the University of Sydney. They are the authors of the recent book To Kill a Democracy: India's Passage to Despotism.   Become a Patron! You treat votes as equal. My vote is... Continue Reading →

Does Inequality Kill a Democracy?

Become a Patron! Inequality in Democracy It’s not controversial to say democracy is about more than elections. Most scholars recognize democracy depends on liberal rights like free speech and the rights of the accused. Liberal democracy strives to combine civil liberties with political equality. But does democracy also depend on economic equality or at least... Continue Reading →

Free Speech and Other Democracy Books This Week

Democracy Books This Week Free speech is the link between liberalism and democracy. It is impossible to have a liberal society without free speech. It is inconceivable to have a democratic society without free speech. But for anyone living in a democracy it is also a part of the political culture and embedded into our... Continue Reading →

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