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Why Patreon

It’s exciting to introduce Democracy Paradox on Patreon. It’s an opportunity for listeners of the podcast and readers of the blog to support the project through modest monthly contributions. Patreons will gain access to the notes used for recent interviews complete with the original questions, quotes from the book, and quotes from additional sources. It’s a window into the preparation for the podcast. In addition, they will also receive access to exclusive interviews with others in the democracy space. Look for conversations wit Stephan Kyburz from The Rules of the Game podcast and Ashley Nichols from The Growing Democracy podcast.

Why Support Democracy Paradox

Over the past few years this project has evolved from musings on classic books about democracy into a significant project. The project produces a new podcast every week with a qualified guest to discuss a different perspective on democracy. The podcast includes a full transcript along with a brief review of the book discussed. The project is a significant undertaking that accounts for more than 40 hours per week. Despite the undertaking, the podcast and blog remain free of charge to listeners and readers. Patreon provides a means for listeners and readers to contribute to the project.

The Future of Democracy Paradox

The longterm goal is for the project to continue to grow. The podcast is fine tuned more and more every week. The writing continues to improve over time and new ways to provide content will be developed. But there is a limit to how much a single person can contribute in time and money. So, please consider becoming.a Patreon of this project. A small contribution will help the project continue to grow. You’ll also gain access to exclusive content including two unreleased episodes. But most importantly it will help the project produce new ways to present ideas about democracy.

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