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Ashley Nickels

The latest interview on Patreon features Ashley Nickels from the Growing Democracy podcast. Ashley cohosts Growing Democracy with Casey Boyd-Swan, Shemariah J. Arki, and Anuj Gurung. Their podcast features activists, office holders, and scholars from Northeast Ohio. But it’s more than a regional podcast, because many of the episodes translate to people in almost any part of the world. Their firm sense of place encourages others to discover their own communities better.

Ashley Nickels is an Associate Professor in the School of Peace and Conflict Studies at Kent State University. Her research focuses on urban politics, local governance, and community-based organizations/ nonprofits, but her heart belongs to those engaged in democracy on a daily basis through activism and community organizing. Recently Ashley just completed a Democracy Visiting Fellowship at the Harvard Ash Center fro Democratic Governance and Innovation.


This interview is a part of new bonus content available only on Patreon. New episodes will feature podcasters, activists, or other thought leaders in informal conversations. Next week’s guest will feature Bob Shrum, Director of the USC Center for the Political Future and a cohost of the Bully Pulpit podcast. You can find bonus content like this interview when you support the Democracy Paradox on Patreon.

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