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Bob Shrum
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Bob Shrum

Bob Shrum is the Director of the USC Center for the Political Future and the Carmen H. and Louis Warschaw Chair in Practical Politics. He is also the cohost of the podcast The Bully Pulpit, a member of The Democracy Group network of podcasts. The USC Center for the Political Future brings together people from both parties for meaningful conversations. Bob worked as a consultant for candidates in the Democratic Party for years including Ted Kennedy, Barbara Milulski, and George McGovern.

Upon joining the USC Center for the Political Future, he wanted to provide a bipartisan approach in leadership as well as substance. So, he invited Mike Murphy to serve as the co-director. Mike was a successful consultant for Republican candidates. Bob and Mike bring the same bipartisan approach to The Bully Pulpit. Past guests have featured notable Democrats like Jamie Raskin and Ben Rhodes. However, they have also featured notable Republicans like Mike Pettit and Mark Meadows.


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