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Liz Joyner
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Liz Joyner

Liz Joyner is the founder and CEO of The Village Square. Their podcast, The Village Squarecast, is the newest member of The Democracy Group. Liz founded The Village Square fifteen years ago. It began as an effort to bring people with different viewpoints together to discuss controversial topics in an atmosphere of friendship. They attempt to bridge partisan, ideological, religious, and racial divides through conversations, while their podcast features many of its live events where the speakers tackle heavy subjects with fun and humor.

Our conversation discusses the role of the Village Square, but also touches on its mission and its ideals. Its a great conversation for anyone who wants to learn from somebody who has made a career out of bringing different perspectives together. But it’s also quite inspirational in parts. Very few organizations have had the success and longevity of The Village Square. It’s due to Liz’s leadership and the many others committed to the project.


This interview is a part of new bonus content available only on Patreon. New episodes will feature podcasters, activists, or other thought leaders in informal conversations. Next week’s guest will feature Carah Ong Whaley, founder and Associate Director of the JMU Civic at James Madison University and cohost of the podcast Democracy Matters. You can find bonus content like this interview when you support the Democracy Paradox on Patreon.

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